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baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

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remember when asks werent rebloggable and we had to go around screencapping them like fucking animals

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Get To Know Me Meme || Anime Version -> Female Characters [2/5]

Akira Mado

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Has anyone else noticed that February 2015 is the perfect month?



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Parasyte Opening: "Let Me Hear" by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas 

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Don’t move!

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Magi volume 23 message paper.

Glad all the papers and omakes are pointing at Kouen and Koumei getting along with and even looking up to Hakuyuu and Hakuren. 

Japanese readres had some interesting comments regarding Hakuei’s first impression on Sinbad, like ‘is it because he’s an enemy of Kou or is it her intuition telling her he’s an enemy of all women (refers to Sinbad’s womanizing)?’. Another one is: ‘her mother, Arba, hated David, so she might’ve inherited that hatred from her (that given if it turned out Sinbad has some connection to David)’. 

Magi Omake Index:

Magi Paper 18&19Magi Paper 20 (cancelled)Magi Paper 20Magi Paper 21Magi Paper 22Sinbad Paper 04Card Game One-Shot15/17/19/22 Tegaki, Alma Toran Tegaki

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from Let’s! Haikyuu!? Chapter 6

by retsu

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artist: くるみや鳩 (pixiv: 9115542 haruka0214)

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Artist: WINNER
Album: 2014 S/S
Track: 끼부리지마 Don't Flirt
Played 22353 times


WINNER - 끼부리지마 Don’t Flirt

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tumblr has many post types, such as e-mail, letter, phone book, padlock, slightly smaller padlock, keyboard and good ol’ play

These post types proved unpopular, and we have since restored the old ones.

Have a good weekend, Tumblr.


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